Interview with Hege Kverneland

Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NOV is our opening keynote at the Oil and Gas IoT Summit 2019.

A passionate and experienced engineering and R&D professional Hege Kverneland brings a wealth of practical IoT expertise to the Oil and Gas IoT Summit agenda. Hege is opening proceedings with her unmissable keynote: Promoting IoT to Catapult the Oil and Gas Industry into a Whole New Stratosphere – setting the tone for the entire two days! Recently, though we were lucky enough to catch her for a few minutes to ask her some IoT questions. Read our interview with Hege Kverneland here:

With 25 years of engineering and R&D experience in the Oil and Gas industry what has been your biggest achievement?

It’s difficult to pick one since this has been an evolution. I have been involved in several big development projects in my career, and most of them have been related to mechanical designs and control system developments. In the 1990’s I was involved in the development of a series of different Pipehandling equipment, and a lot of these machines were prototypes that were installed in platforms in the North Sea. Later I have been involved in a new mud pump design, Permanent Magnet Motors, new shaker designs etc. More recently though the focus has been on automated control systems and of course right now; Industrial Internet of Things; IIoT… (the big buzz-word!).

Your session at The Oil and Gas IoT Summit looks at the massive opportunities digital transformation presents for the Industry. What advice would you give to an organisation starting out on their digital journey?

We started our “Big Data” initiative more than three years ago, and even in worst downturn in the industry that I can remember, we were able to continue to invest in our commitment to IoT and digitalizations. My advice to organizations starting up on this journey now is to focus on specific services and products. Don’t try to solve everything at the same time. Build a solid software platform and expand on that platform. And don’t believe that “Big Data” can solve all your problems! You still need to have solid knowledge about your process, your equipment, and the people operation the system to make a satisfactory solution.

What do you think are the biggest barriers to digital adoption are?

The business model is going to be the biggest barrier; not technology. Who is going to pay for it? What is it worth? Who owns the data? Who can use the data?

In terms of technology, what do you see as the next big game-changer for the Oil and Gas industry?

Digitalization and automatization are going to change how we work. Especially in offshore applications, but also for remote land operations, much more of the work will be remotely controlled from head-quarters onshore, and the number of people that we currently have on location will be substantially reduced.

You recently spoke about NOV’s automation Process Control System – NOVOS – are you able to share any lessons learned, successes or surprises with us?

Things always take much longer time than you expect… Even if I have been working on R&D projects for a couple of decades; this always surprise me! However, the downturn has been good for the implementation of new technology, including NOVOS. The operators now realize that something has to change if we want to continue to reduce cost. And the implementation of automated control systems, condition-based maintenance (CBM) etc will help to reduce the overall cost.

Thank you for your time Hege – we are looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

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