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Aize was born out of Aker to revolutionise project execution and operation in heavy-asset industries – using software to increase efficiency, improve collaboration and reduce cost. Expanding beyond the era of petroleum, and into renewables and other industries – as a consequence, we become a part of the big difference.

Heavy-asset projects have been managed, executed, and operated by the same principles for decades. But the way of working works – so why change it? Because the world is changing. We need to drastically change the way we harvest, produce, use and reuse the resources of our planet. Incremental change is no longer enough – we have to transform how we behave, lead and operate. To make it happen. To succeed we have to radically change, by thinking, acting and seeing everything differently.

Enter Aize.

Akselos provides the world’s most advanced engineering simulation software. It is 1000X faster than legacy approaches enabling enormous opportunity across the full asset lifecycle. Our products will optimize your designs at unprecedented scale, run condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance programs, and safely extend the life of your assets. Whether it is a wind turbine, pressure vessel or large floating structure, we deliver the impossible!

We create software for oil and gas, power and utilities, renewable energy, manufacturing and other asset-heavy industries. Our products turn industrial data into customer value by liberating it, contextualizing it, and making it actionable for users.

Our team united to take the industrial world by storm with technology, from robotics to 3D to advanced cloud computing. Working closely with our customers, we empowered industrial users with insightful access to contextualized data for the first time. Over and over we created customer value. 

Edzcom, a Cellnex company, is a pioneer and European market leader in Edge Connectivity, solely dedicated to designing, building and operating private 4G and 5G networks.

As more and more companies and industries choose private networks to seize digitalisation opportunities, Edzcom’s Edge Connectivity solutions offer high-performance wireless connectivity for enterprise resource planning, automation, robotics and real-time remote monitoring. Edge Connectivity helps industries unlock productivity and growth, offering continuity and security for business-critical operations.

One key area of improvement for the O&G industry is enabling collaboration between rig workers in remote and off–shore rigs and subject matter experts (SMEs) working in different global facilities. SMEs are often called in to help resolve complicated and unfamiliar issues. Given the travel time required to get an SME to an off-shore rig, critical equipment breakdown can result in days of asset down-time and supply chain disruption.

Using augmented reality solutions like Onsight, SMEs and rig workers can collaborate on a live-video call to fix and maintain critical equipment.  The SME can take control of the rig worker‘s augmented reality wearable or smart device to zoom in, turn on the flashlight, take HD images, mark relevant areas using telestration,  tag data using IoT and AI computer vision and record the session for training purposes. With Onsight Connect at their fingertips, the O&G industry can rely on accurate identification and quick resolution of asset breakdowns, no matter where their rig workers or SMEs are located.

Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Oil & Gas companies face a broad range of complex and diverse needs. They attempt to leverage their people, equipment, and crews for a wide range of field, asset, and plant activities. Work is a combination of planned projects and recurring and emergent activities. Companies in the Oil and Gas industry are constantly looking for innovation, safety, and productivity of personnel in the field. OverIT supports the main global operators in the Oil & Gas industry with cutting-edge technologies and deep expertise of FSM processes.

Unlock YOUR potential with Industrialized IoT

We accelerate the green shift through solutions for increased efficiency, sustainability and operational scalability, for companies in Oil & Gas, Hydro and Renewables.

With the many challenges associated with keeping an oil and gas facility in perfect shape, many operators look for a dedicated, flexible and experienced engineering partner. Ramboll has worked steadily alongside North Sea operators in the British, Danish and Norwegian sector since the 1970s. Since the 1990s we have also executed both small-scale and large-scale projects for clients in the Gulf of Mexico and Qatar. And from 2008 and onwards, our portfolio includes small and medium scale projects in Abu Dhabi. 

In recent years, our portfolio has extended to encompass EPC type contracts where we team up with partners to manage construction and offshore manpower, making a smooth transition from engineering to installation and operation. 

  • Early phase studies and detailed design for greenfield projects 
  • Platform design 
  • Experts within lifetime extension and modification 
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Responsible decommissioning
  • True Digital Twins

Remote assistance using RealWear’s hands-free assisted reality devices delivers a wide range of benefits in the oil and gas industry, including the ability to:  

  • Reduce downtime: Front-line workers can initiate a video conference with a remote expert who can walk them through the diagnosis and repair process in real-time.

  • Make repairs safer: This solution reduces or eliminates the need to send a worker who’s an expert in equipment and processes—but not necessarily familiar with the job site—to make an in-person diagnosis or repair. 

  • Better leverage specialized knowledge: Workers can be trained or upskilled more efficiently and the number of employees a single subject matter expert is able to mentor exponentially increases.

  • Reduce travel and the associated emissions: Remote assistance reduces the travel required, positively impacting a company’s costs and carbon footprint, making operations cleaner and more efficient. 

We provide operational solutions to geolocate mobile equipments, monitor industrial installations and follow people with chronic diseases.

SRETT has one objective: to make equipment communicating, to “give it a voice” to meet the new needs of businesses. For this, we provide standardized and tailor-made Internet Of Things (IoT) solutions. We operate in the fields of Industry 4.0 and e-Health.

Tampnet provides offshore assets with high-speed internet connection through subsea fibre-optic broadband. We also install and operate an offshore 4G LTE network, giving reliable roaming even in rough weather. High capacity internet access enables the digitalization of your business, resulting in faster and improved decision-making, increased efficiency and major cost savings.

According to an EY Oil & Gas Digital Transformation survey, while over 75% of oil and gas executives believe that their ability to reskill employees and adopt digital technologies will determine their competitive advantage and success, less than half have a robust workforce transformation strategy. 

Udacity transforms lives, businesses and nations through radical talent transformation helping you create job-ready digital talent in technologies like data science, AI, ML, cloud, and cybersecurity. Udacity’s upskilling programs enabled the employees of one oil & gas provider to save $2M per equipment malfunction by building new AI-based predictive maintenance models that helped prevent costly equipment malfunctions.

Baker Hughes Digital Solutions offers a diverse portfolio of solutions for oil and gas, with the deep domain understanding to guide you through what’s next. We provide the experience and insights you need to gain control, take action, and reduce risk—to connect the dots to see the bigger picture, and to feel confident in the decisions you make as a result.

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