Speaker interview with Alexander Klebanov

Cloud-native AI, technology eco-systems and dreaming of the open oceans with Alexander Klebanov

We recently caught up with returning Oil and Gas IoT Summit speaker and Snr Data Scientist at Chesapeake Energy, Alexander Klebanov – to ask him about what he’s been up to recently, his priorities for 2020 and, what we can expect from his session…

Firstly, we’d love to know a little more about you. Could you tell us a bit about your current role and responsibilities?

As a senior data scientist at Chesapeake Energy, my role spans from technical AI modeling to advising on data strategy. I work closely with engineers and geoscientists to incorporate subsurface into operational decision making, focusing the last year on optimizing completion practices across the enterprise.

You are participating in a panel discussion on day one of the Summit. One of the questions you’ll be debating is around how technology is reshaping the Oil and Gas eco-system – can you give us sneak peek into your thoughts on this…

Technology is simplifying operational workflows and introducing efficiencies into labour and decision intensive aspects of the eco-system. However, it is a two-way street. Technology is also being shaped by the eco-system, becoming more human. We are seeing a proliferation of augmented technologies, like augmented reality, augmented intelligence, emphasizing that true value lies in the synergy of human and machine intelligence.

What can our attendees expect to takeaway from your session?

Digital transformation does not start with technology, it begins with people and culture.

And, as an attendee what are you hoping to learn from your fellow panelists and takeaway from the summit as a whole?

I look forward to learning more in the digital twin and AR/VR space and the practical applications in the upstream onshore industry.

You’ve been with Chesapeake for over 6 years working predominantly in a Data Scientist position. How has your role evolved over the last few years and where do you expect it to go in the next 12 months or so?

The role evolved from domain knowledge in specific data technologies and customer interfacing to analytics via BI applications to an advisory presence helping the enterprise realize strategic value from AI and how it fits within overall corporate portfolio. Over the next year and beyond, I see actionable AI taking a much bigger presence as a first-class citizen in every aspect of the enterprise, accelerating the cycle from data to revenue.

What are your top 3 priorities for 2020?

Continue perfecting my knowledge of cloud-native AI technologies, become more active in the international data science community, and get a sailing license.

What new technologies or trends do you see impacting the Oil and Gas industry in the next few years?

The next few years will see a paradigm shift from simply automating or replacing tasks with technology to finding new ways of making decisions, taking actions, and doing business. AI is setting out to not only improve operational workflows in the field, but impact capital programs, strategic planning, and back-office operations.

Thank you for your time Alexander, really looking forward to seeing you at the summit!

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